Thursday, March 30, 2006


It’s back! With a new, stupid name! There’s a new music trend that is sweeping UNC, and I will only give you one hint: hackey sack. And why are all the cool kids not coming to dinner? When will partying be cool again?

Answers, ho!

Do you have greasy hair and spend all your time throwing the Frisbee on the quad? Well good news: 311 and Phish are up three ranks, and Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Counting Crows are up one! The hackey sacking laid back boring music movemtn is gaining some real momentum or it would if it ever got up to go to its 10 oclock Psych class! It’s the mid-90s all over again!

No one want to meet you for dinner lately? Well, duh! Eating and cooking are both down one rank. Will this coupled with the music changes signal a return to the heroin chic fashion of the 90’s? Kate Moss sure hopes so!

So you like having fun? Well that goes to show you how lame you are! Having fun is down three ranks, but in a weird twist of events going out is up three. So here’s the new paradigm trendaroos: You are allowed to go out as long as you promise to be miserable.

Well, that’s this week’s Trendilicious, and in closing we offer you the following advice on being cool: Watch as many episodes of I Love the Nineties as possible and seek to emulate that glorious decade past. And remember: having fun sucks!


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