Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Trendspotting: The Next Generation

In this new edition of Facebook’s Pulse Trendspotting at UNC we update you on the latest trends: Is the outdoors still lame? What’s this about partying? Is your mom cool? What about God?

The results will shock you.

The two biggest rises are a three place rise in knitting and a one place rise in cooking! Looks like your mom is the coolest kid on the block: matronly activities are in!

Hiking recovers from the loss it experienced last week and is back on the rise. Unfortunately, backpacking is still down, and the mountains are the biggest loser, down two. The outdoors is still for losers!

But, what about partying? That’s still cool, right? Wrong! The wild college lifestyle takes a hit this day, with partying down one and Greek life down four. Hanging out with friends is up, however: Looks like mellow is the new crazy! How else can we explain the two rank rise of John Mayer to the thirteenth most popular musician?

The big winner this week: Jesus. Holla! Campus Crusade is up one to the fifth most popular student organization, and is actually even more popular with the alternate full title of Campus Crusade for Christ up five ranks as well. Intervarsity remains strong, still in the top ten campus organizations. The good book, the good book, the Bible holds strong as the third most popular on campus! That’s only lower than Harry Potter and the DaVinci Code!

If you want to be cool, looks like you should look to your grandmother. All the cool kids are getting their Christ and Mom on, and eschewing parties for hanging out, knitting and cooking. Trendspotting: Always Cool.


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