Monday, March 27, 2006

This Is GMU

Of all the George Mason relates pun headlines, the one above is my favorite.

I don’t watch too many sports, but being a UNC student, I have a soft spot for college basketball. Our men lost this year to a scruffy little team that lots of people thought shouldn’t have even been there: George Mason University.

Much is being said and written about George Mason University’s basketball team this year and their amazing run to the Final Four, and I’m not going to pretend to be an expert commentator. I will, however, give you some numbers for GMU.

400 To-one odds offered by some bookkeepers at the beginning of tournament.
11 Seed.
8 Highest seed to ever win tournament.
1 Other times that an 11th seed has made it to the Final Four.
3 Number of games in NCAA tournament before 2006.
0 Number of wins in NCAA Tournament before 2006.

1 Seed of UCONN team, heavily favored to win it all that fell to GMU.
2 Number of 2005 Final Four members defeated, including champs, UNC.
3 Number of championship ring-wearing coaches defeated by GMU.

0 Chance I am going to miss the best Cinderella story in years.


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