Monday, March 20, 2006

Speculation on the Penis Size of Members of the Scottish Enlightenment

The Scottish Enlightenment was a fruitful period and blossoming of philosophical and otherwise intellectual thought in Scotland that took place largely at the end of the 18th century. This event, often overshadowed by the "main" Enlightenment provides the crucial framework of many important ideas. Indeed, some of the minds behind this Enlightenment were the most brilliant of their age. So, you are probably wondering, how big are their wangs? I speculate below.

David Hume

The chief disciple of Thomas Hobbes. Hobbes is best known for writing Leviathan. Is this an honest claim or overcompensation? His autocratic model of leadership does include a social contract. He had to have a pretty big one to be so confident that one man should rule. On the other hand, maybe he was just trying to fake that confidence. I mean, Leviathan is a little too obvious for me. I'm going to guess Hobbes was overcompensating, and that you could expect no less from his protege Hume. He is also sometimes considered "the first politically conservative philosopher" . If that doesn't suggest he is overcompensating, I don't know what does.

Estimate: 4 inches

Francis Hutcheson

Often considered the first major figure of the Scottish Enlightenment. His critique of Hobbes is well thought out and indeed he becomes the first truly viable anti-Hobbesian. Considering what we have said previously about Hobbes, this might lead one to think that he must be well hung. However, his primary interest in moral philosophy makes him seem like a bit of a softie. On the other hand, it's often who you least suspect. Maybe he's a gentle giant? It's quite possible.

Estimate: 8 inches

Adam Smith

The father of capitalism, he wrote The Wealth Of Nations. Implications on penis size: As the inventer of economics as a serious discipline the man was certainly gifted and endowed with intelligence. Endowed with anything else? Maybe. As the foremost capitalist, he predicts the pressence of an invisible hand that guides almost all market forces to an equilibrium. So assuming, the genital market is functioning normally, we could use capitalism to assume that that Adam Smith's penis will lie at a size where customer demand intersects with ability to supply. Sadly, this result can be nothing but average.

Estimate: 6 inches

James Anderson

One of the last thinkers of the Scottish Enlightenment. Best known for his work in agricultural economics. His work is noted for its largely scientific character as opposed to philosophical, and his work is often noted as bringing about the shift that ended the Scottish Enlightenment. Does an increased interest in science signal a larger penis size? It's certainly possible. We all know Einstein was hung like a horse. However, James Anderson's main body of work is in agricultural studies. Farming. Now, while farmer's boys may be noted for their endowment, he was just a doctor who studied agricultural economics. He wrote extensively about the Corn Laws and extensive essays on agricultural affairs and rural life.

Estimate: vagina


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