Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hey There

You look great. Has it really been that long? Nice tan by the way. Where did you go? Oh, cool, I hear it’s really nice there. You have a good time? Oh? You went with him? Well, that’s great, he’s a nice guy. You guys will be good together.

Oh me? Not too much. Nah, it’s no big deal. Just a little of this and that. Pretty boring really. Why haven’t I what? Oh. Well, you know, there’s been some stuff.

Well, I have a job now. Oh no, nothing like that. Well, it’s actually more of an internship. No, it doesn’t pay. But I think it’s a good experience you know?

There have been other stuff too, I went to the beach for a week and then to see my cousin. Huh? She was in an accident. A car pinned her to a wall and crushed her. It’s a miracle she survived. She’s been floating in and out of comas and unconsciousness in the ICU. My relatives have been there every day talking to her, not really sure if she’s been hearing it or not. One of my aunt’s told her she had quit smoking. My cousin’s eyes opened up really wide and she responded “Really? Me too,” and then went back to sleep. I am not using any sort of figure of speech when I say that I wish this was a joke.

Anyway, she’s been doing better and I’ve been back here. My girlfriend came to see me for a week. I didn’t tell you I was seeing someone? Oops, well you know, yeah. Yeah, she’s great. Thanks, that’s nice of you.

Yeah I saw that. That was a fucking insane head butt. I mean, I thought it was lame that the last four teams were all Europeans, but whatever. I’m glad the Italians beat France after that bullshit, though.

Oh, and I’m going to Connecticut next week. My sister is going to this Coast Guard Academy camp-thing. Yeah, weird, but my family decided to piggyback a vacation on top of it.

What? You think this fake conversation format is hackneyed? Well, that’s fair. Actually, yeah, you’re right. I’ll wrap it up. Sorry.

So yeah, I’ve been busy. What have you been up to? Read or seen anything good lately? Yeah, Pirates is cool. Well, it’s good talking to you, but I’ve got to go. Maybe we can talk more after I get back from New England? Yeah?

I’d like that.


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6:48 PM  
Blogger Julianna said...

Hey. I posted the "Lame" comment (but not about you!). I can only log onto blogspot when I am on my computer, since I forgot my password, which is why it was anonymous.

And: Kellen, I love you as you are, but please please please don't become an Adult Adventure Game Enthusiast.

11:49 PM  
Blogger Julianna said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:51 PM  
Blogger Julianna said...

(I spelled envelope wrong)

Oh! By the way, you will be getting something from me in the mail on Monday or Tuesday.

There is a dinosaur blowing a kiss on the front of the envelope so that you will know who it is from.

Last post, I swear.

11:52 PM  

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