Friday, June 02, 2006

Update on Various Things

What do you do when you feel like writing even less than usual?

Make a random list of links, connect them to something I've previously mentioned and call it a day!

Fuck is always of interest. Here is a Language Log guestpost about unsual Chinglish translations that use the word fuck in weirdly inappropriate situations.

Music writing is pretentious as noted here. Go here to see dead-on satire from the only music columnist worth reading on the Internet, Dr. David Thorpe.

Pulp Fiction week is over, but Slate still has the goods on cultural detritus. Here you can read about where to get some genuine, rare, brillant unreleased in the US DVD action. You want an all sign language vampire movie (it's called Deafula)? Tarantino's unreleased, unfinished first film? Shaw Studios genius? Slate has the goods.

Oh also, on the trendspotting, Blogpulse front: Language Log's Mark Liberman points out some really cool cyclical patterns in Internet posting.

And what IS the correct adjective for Foucault?

Will I ever post any original content anymore? The world may never know.


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