Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Things About Which You Should Know Or That I Otherwise Recommend

I’m not feeling up to focusing on one thing for any set amount of time right now, so I refer to you the following array of items in various categories:

Television: I finally watched “Rescue Me.” I think it was the third season premiere. And I really dropped the ball on this one. It’s fucking great. I love Dennis Leary, but I thought that he would suck in a drama and that his comedy wouldn’t work within a narrative. The show works. It’s funny, interesting, and the drama is killer. I will be watching it this summer. It's on FX, tommorrow at ten (new episode).

Advertisements: The best ads on TV are the G4 ads for Midnight Spank. They mix cute, arbitrary, and terrifying while featuring a deer, a guinea pig, and a butterfly. You can see them here.

Books and Writing: I came upon this lengthy treatise the other day and it is worth a read. It is wholeheartedly depressing and soul crushing but should probably be required reading for aspiring writers or anyone who wants to work in publishing.

Music: In the category of things you should already be reading/listening to, WFMU’s excellent blog has a great article that does the liberty of compiling the best satanic music and video all in one place. Seriously. I, in particular, recommend Anton LaVey’s “Satan Takes a Holiday.” Yes that’s right, the founder of the Church of Satan has cut a couple albums… and they all sound like really lame circus music. If you want a particular kick, tune in to WXYC, contact the on-air DJ and ask them to play another track from that album, or, if they are feeling particularly generous, to read the liner notes to you: It turns out Anton LaVey has a great sense of humor or is otherwise more insane than I could have anticipated.

Nature: I got this little bit straight from Wikipedia and I couldn’t really explain it if I tried, so I will entice you with a direct quotation:

Mautam (a Mizo language term), is the name given to the mysterious cyclic ecological phenomenon that occurs every 48 years, in the Northeastern Indian state of Mizoram, which is thirty percent covered by wild bamboo forests. During this period, the Melocanna baccifera species of bamboo in the state flowers, which is invariably followed by a subsequent plague of giant bandicoot rats whose actions cause devastating famine.[1]. The most recent flowering began in May 2006, and efforts are underway to prevent a famine, by the state government and the Indian Army. In the past, famines caused by this phenomenon have played a significant part in shaping the region's political history.”



Blogger Kyle Castro said...

this is just a basic comment i want to leave for you. i love your blog, its outstanding

1:19 AM  
Blogger Kellen said...

Thanks, I appreciate it.

2:34 AM  
Blogger Julianna said...

A famine caused by giant bandicoot rats? Let's go there.

8:47 AM  

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