Thursday, May 18, 2006

Literary Conspiracies

This came out a long time ago, but you should read it. It’s intriguing and delightful. The short synopsis about this is a theory about J.D. Salinger and Vladmir Nabokov. I guess Salinger’s seclusion has led to many sorts of conspiracy theories. One of my favorites is that fellow recluse, Thomas Pynchon, is actually just a pseudonym for Salinger. This was published in Soho Weekly News (Thomas Pynchon’s reply: “Not bad. Keep trying.”). The Village Voice, however, is the vehicle of this new finding: Salinger is the secret ghost-writer of Lolita.

This is fascinating. Make sure you pay particular reference to the title, introduction, and the date at the end. Also, in case that doesn’t help: Pierre Menard.


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